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The Never Ending Story about Son of Sam

Verantwortlicher Autor: Sharon Oppenheimer Tel Aviv, 11.01.2023, 21:16 Uhr
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Carl Denaro´s book
Carl Denaro´s book  Bild: Sharon Oppenheimer

Tel Aviv [ENA] For over 45 years, the faszination about serial killer David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam has not disappeared. Still many questions have remained unanswered so far: was he the sole perpetrator or was he part of a satanic cult and who were the accomplices?   [Full story...]

Osce and International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Vienna , 27.01.2023, 17:04 Uhr

Rome/Vienna [ENA] The OSCE said on today’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day that greater international co-operation is needed to counter Holocaust denial and distortion, not only to combat hateful ideologies but also to defend democracy, “Today we honour the memory of the six million Jews and all other victims brutally murdered in the Holocaust for who they were, what they believed or even who they loved. The past year has   [Full story...]

AI Ethics: An Abrahamic commitment to the Rome Call

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Vatican, 25.01.2023, 22:29 Uhr

Rome/Vatican [ENA] On 10th January 2023 in Vatican City, has taken place the event : “AI Ethics: An Abrahamic commitment to the Rome Call”. The Rome Call for AI Ethics ( was signed in February 2020 by some of the world’s leading tech companies (Microsoft and IBM), together with the FAO and representatives of the Italian Government. The Call binds its signatories to comply with its principles, in terms of transparency,   [Full story...]

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